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Natasha Posted In Story SMS
Added 8 years ago

Cute Story:
Rainy Day, Mother Went To Pick Up Her 4
Years Old Daughter From School.
She Was Worried Thinking That,
She'll Fear The Lightning.
On Her Way She Found Her Smiling At
Sky For Every Lighting.
She Asked Why Are You Smiling?
Baby: Mumma.
God Is Taking My Picture
And I Need To Look Good Naa.!

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Dilse Posted In Story SMS
Added 10 years ago

A 24 Year Boy Seeing Out From The Train Window, Shouted,
"Dad, Look The Trees Are Going Behind!"

Dad Smiled And A Young Couple
Sitting Nearby,
Looked At The 24 Year Old`s

Child's Behaviour With Pity.

Suddenly He Again Exclaimed
"Dad, Look The Clouds Are
Running With Us!"

The Couple Could`nt Resist
And Said To The Old Man,
"Why Dont You Take Ur Son
2 A Good Doctor?"

Old Man Smiled And Said
"I Did & We Are Just Coming
From The Hospital, My Son
Was Blind From Birth,
He Just Got His Eyes Today" :)

Its The Happiest Day Of His Life ?

Moral - Think Before U Speak. Many Times
Things Wont Be The Same Dat U See :)

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Added 10 years ago

3 Dosto Ki Kahani
1 Gayaan.
2 Dhan.
3 Viswaas
3no Bahut Achche Dost The
3no Ko Judaa Hona Para
3no Ne Ek Dusre Se Sawal Kiya
Ki Kaun Kaha Jayega....?
GAYAAN Bola Mai To Mandir,
Masjid, Church, Gurudawre Aur
Vidyaale Jaungaa.
DHAN Ne Kaha Mai Mahal Aur
Ameero Ke Paas Jaungaa. Lekin
Viswaas Chup Tha 2no Ne Wajah
Puchi to Biswaas Ne Thandi Aah
Bhar Ke Bola Mai 1 Baar Chala
Gaya To Bapis Nahi Aaungaa.

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Added 10 years ago

A Heart Touching Story:-
Ek 6 Year K Bacche Ki Dost
Sunami Me Mar Gyi..
Wo Daily Samundar K Kinare
Lehre Aati Or Uske Kadmo
Bhiga Jati,
Ladka Rota Or Kehta Tu Kitne
Pav Chu Le..
Main Kabhi Tumhe Maaf
Nahi Karunga.

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Added 10 years ago

A Blind Man Was Begging On Side Of
Newyork Street With A Board Written....
"I Am Blind Help Me"
Once A Man Passing That Side Saw Him.
He Took His Board & Wrote Some Thing.
From That Time The Blind Man Got
Heavy Collection.
Many People Started Giving Money To Him.
Can You Guess What He Wrote..??
He Wrote: "U R Beautiful But,
I Cant See U"
The Way Of Xpressing Can Change
Many Things..:)
So Xpress Ur Ideas In Diffrent Way..!! :)

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Added 10 years ago

EK Baar Insan Ne Koyal Se,
Kaha Tu Kali Na Hoti To Kitni
Achhi Dikhti, Sagar Se Kaha
Tera Pani Khara Na Hota
To Kitna Achha Hota, Gulab Se
Kaha Tujme Kante Na Hote
Tho Kitna Achha Hota, Tab
Teeno 1 Sath Bole Ke Hai,
Insan Tujh Me Dusro Ki “Kamiya”
Dekhne Ki Adat Na Hoti To Tu
Kitna Achha Hota.

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Dilse Posted In Story SMS
Added 10 years ago

Once A Young Boy Entered A
Salon Then The Barber Whispered
“Just Look This Is The Worlds
Most Dumbest Kid” And Then He
Takes A Dollar Bill In His Left
Hand And Two Quater In His Right
Hand And Asks The Boy “Whic Do U Want”?
Then The Boy Pics The Quaters
And Runs Out To Buy Ice Cream
Then The Barber Tels The Customer
“See I Told U Hez Dumb” After A
Little While The Customer Leaves
And The Barber Asks The Boy
“Realy Why Did U Pick The Quaters”?
Because If I Select The Dollar
I Wont Get To Eat Ice Creams
Every Day And The Game Will Be Over

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