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Added 5 years ago

Wishing You All The Very Best For The
Future. May Your Life Be Filled With
All The Right Ingredients: A Heap Of
Humor, A Dash Of Understanding, A
Touch Of Romance, & A Full Of Love.

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Added 9 years ago

Zindagi Mujhse Kehti Hai
Har Dam Udaas Mat Rah
Kar ...!!!
Main Kehti Hoon Mujhe
Ik Wajah To De Hansne
K Liye...!!!

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Tags: Sad SMS
Added 9 years ago

Haste Rahen Aap Hazaron
Ke Beech Mein, Jaise Haste
Hein Phool Baharon Ke Beech
Mein, Roshan Ho Aap Duniya
Mein Iss Tarah, Jaise Hota Hai
Chand Sitaron Ke Beech Mein.

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Added 5 years ago

Kitne Acche Thay Wo Din Jab Wo Kehte Thay, Ki Tumhe Bye Bolne Ka Dil Nahi Karta!

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Added 8 years ago

I Admit I'll Never Be The Perfect
Friend, I'll Never Be There Always,
I May Not Make U Smile At Times
But There Is One Thing I Admit I
Could Do, To Be The Person I Could
Be For U. Happy Friendship Day.

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Added 6 years ago

This Christmas Give Us A Message That We Should Live Unite With Great Peace, So, Here Is A Bundle Of Some Sweet Wishes For You.

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Added 9 years ago

Zindgi Guzri Magar Kashti Ko
Kinara Na Mila, Sab Kuchh
Mila Magar Saath Tumhara Na Mila,
Ijjat Mili Dolat Mili Shohrat
Mili Magar, Tumhari Baho Ka
Sahara Na Mila.

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Added 8 years ago

Taron Ko Ginne Wale Hum
Na The, Akele Gungunane
Wale Hum Na The, Ye To
Apki Dosti Ne Aadat Laga
Di Warna Kisi Ko Itna
Yaad Karne Wale Hum Na The.

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Added 9 years ago

New Trend Of Shadi In
Manmohan's Govt..
Introducing 8th Faira...
Vadhu Var Se...
Mai Vachan Deti Hu Ki 6 Cylinder
Me Aapka Ghar Chala Dungi

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Tags: Funny SMS
Added 9 years ago

You Can Change Ur Mind
U Can Change Ur Decision
But U Can't Change
What's There Inside Ur Heart.

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Added 9 years ago

Being "In A Relationship"
And Being "In The "Hospital"
Is All The Same...
Everyone Asks:
"Serious Hai Kya" ?=P

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